The Gif explains it all…


Its been a moment since my last blog update.

I am happy to report that I have now found a job and amazingly it is a job that allows me to grow and learn, something previous employment has failed to embrace.

The benefit of this, and being let loose on my work laptop, is being able to install things to help make this process easier. a text editor like Sublime Text, C# Programming through Visual Studio (Community, im not freaking made of money) and Github (for Windows) so I can push out new content and updates.

I think Ill eventually move my blog over to github pages and smash it all out in MarkDown.

Overall this allows me to multitask in the work environment, I dont idle well, so getting to work, learn from work as well as on top of that explore my own learning and coding its just plain amazing!

Some folks may have seen that I have already updated my page whith a new scrol text that looks a little more ‘accurate’ and I plan on making it an “actual” terminal so you can type into it, running things like ‘whoami’ ‘fortune’ and ‘cowsay’ will yeild hilarious results.

More on this later though.

For now Im in work early so its back to the grind… the grind of learning


(FYI its the good kind of grind)

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