Its been a while since I put up a new post so lets have a little look at an example of practicing what im preaching. – – – – Today I had to get a list of barcodes from a load of (like 97) .xml files (processed so renamed to .bak), each file could have […]

Setting up Awesome ‘Bait?’ Virtual Machines:

Virtually, a bit of a blog update post, as some know I am a fan of faffery, I like changing and customising things to my hearts content (one reason I swing between iPhone and Android so often). One of the things I enjoy doing is spinning up a new Distro of *anything* and seeing what […]

The Gif explains it all…

Its been a moment since my last blog update. I am happy to report that I have now found a job and amazingly it is a job that allows me to grow and learn, something previous employment has failed to embrace. The benefit of this, and being let loose on my work laptop, is being […]

The quieter you are the more you can hear…

God I wish I could say my silence is in step with the old Backtrack Linux tag line. No, my silence has been due to many forces deciding to come down on me like a ton of bricks. I wont go into details as its all personal but lets say Depression and Anxiety. I haven’t […]

One month check-in

OK so not quite an ‘one month check-in’ though I’m still getting comfortable. I have learned quite a bit of Python during the last 30 something days, much more then I knew before that’s for sure,, why Python you ask? because fuggit! May was well go with tried and trusted ‘sink or swim’ learning. Something […]

Sharpening ones tools

I’ll be the first (maybe) to admit it… I am rusty. In the time I have been working quite a lot of my ‘skills’ have diminished over the years, this is due to complacency/stagnation at work, ‘Attic Theory‘ learning and a general loss of being able to exercise my skills. I was quite an ok-ish […]